It begins!

My name is Nick, a 35 year old maker from Johannesburg, South Africa.

It’s August 2020 and in the wake of a slow decline in sales of our flagship product, WP Google Maps, I have decided to gather the team (7 people including myself) and explain to them my new vision for Code Cabin – Project #ExpandTheCabin.

For the last 8 years, we have been blessed enough to be riding on the wave that WP Google Maps has generated. I know deep inside that the wave will eventually come to an end and we’d have to paddle back out to sea to get on a new wave. So why not try to create those waves now before we get to shore?

The project outline is simple enough – for the next 10 months we will be creating five new products per month. These products will be chosen after some lengthy discussions, debates and analysis. Although we are going for a “shotgun strategy” approach, we will be choosing the best ideas that we have from our list of ideas and running with those for the month.

At the beginning of the month, we all sat down to discuss these ideas and come up with some new ones. Each developer (there are only 5 developers in the company), including myself got to choose which project they wanted to work on. We have one month to finish the project so the product ideas need to be simple enough for that to happen.

The meeting was a success. We chose the five products and have already started working on them. Every week we touch base with each other to see if we need help and to monitor the progress.

At the end of this month, I’ll let you know how we are doing and what came from the first five products!

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  1. Dorette aka Dee says:

    Good luck with your Journey. Let’s chat? I manage several Twitter accounts e.g. and like your Vision.

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